Tesla Model 3 Tax Credit Guesstimator

I have created a spreadsheet to estimate the Federal tax credit that one might expect based upon a number of values. The values in the current spreadsheet are for example only. I do not have enough information to provide reasonable estimates. I leave that up to the user.

Note that the spreadsheet may have errors. Please let me know if you find any. Also note that the spreadsheet may not have been created in the most  efficient manner. I just wanted to complete the spreadsheet quickly.

Additionally, I do not know my own Model 3 reservation sequence number. I have a reservation, but I do not know how to decode it. If anyone knows how to decode it, I can put that into the spreadsheet as well.

Tesla Model 3 Tax Credit Estimator – Rev A

I canceled my reservation for two reasons. The first was that I do not like the move from physical controls to touch screens. The second was the expected net cost after a minimal or no tax credit.

Errors Fixed:
Rev A – Only the 50% tax credit was calculated. The spreadsheet has been updated to calculate 25% and 0%.